Cub & Flowers

in the morning I hear the rain
I looked out the window
and I see the pavements
're covered with water
even the roads 're wet
and the trees look live-lier than ever
I couldn’t see the sunlight
I believe it was hidden
behind the heavy cloud,
and then I think of u
your glories, your stories
your hopes
your lips, your eyes, your chest,
our travelling plan
and how I love seeing the way your teeth were arranged -- to match the sunshine in your eyes;
why wont you know?
that you’re the shy epitome of prettiness,
that one outstanding sunflower
every farm must have,
& you’re also like;
that one sentence of a song
every lovers fallen in love to

 O’, floret,
on this raining morning I must say thank you
for bringing the definition of beauty
the way I never understand it before